This Thursday, March 31, 2022, at 12 PM HKT, we’ll be releasing our newest protocol feature yet — Bonds.

Designed to further incentivize supplying liquidity on the platform, our Bond feature will give liquidity providers access to NPM tokens at a much lower price.

Check out this step-by-step guide on how you can establish bonds on the Neptune Mutual platform:

How to Purchase a Neptune Mutual Bond?

Step 1: At the top of the Neptune Mutual protocol homepage, click [Pool].

Step 2: Click [Bond] to access the Bond feature.

Step 3: Click [Get LP tokens] to get redirected to the QuickSwap protocol.

Step 4: Enter the amount of DAI you want to supply liquidity for to establish the bond.

Note: Price per pool pair is the equivalent bond value for the NPM tokens established by the protocol.

Step 5: Click [Approve NPM] and [Approve DAI].

Step 6: Click [Supply].

From here, you will see your share of NPM per DAI. In the liquidity pool, your supplied bond pair occupies a specific equivalent percentage of the shared pool you provided liquidity on.

Step 7: Wait for the transaction to go through. Then, click [Confirm] on the Metamask window to approve the transaction request.

Step 8: Going back to the Bond section of the protocol, enter the amount of Liquidity Pool tokens you want to supply to create the bond.

Note: On the testnet, the lockup period will be set for 10 minutes to make testing convenient. However, on the mainnet, it will be set for 7 days.

Step 9: Click [Approve]. Afterward, click [Confirm] on the Metamask window to confirm the transaction request.

Step 10: Click [Bond]. Then, click [Approve] on the Metamask window to approve the transaction request.

Step 11: Once the lockup period is over, click [Claim My Bond] to withdraw the Liquidity Pool tokens you supplied.

You will then see the number of NPM tokens you can claim equivalent to the Liquidity Pool (LP) tokens you supplied.

Step 12: Click [Claim Now]. Finally, click [Confirm] on the Metamask window to confirm your claim.

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